Chicago Places to Eat

 There is a reason for which Chicago is called the food destination of India. Whether you are looking for fine-dine unique and delectable dining experience or some of the budgeted but sumptuous tasty meals; you will be spoilt for choice. To narrow down your choices, we present below some of our favorite places to eat –

  • Big Star

To satisfy your late night hunger pangs, drop into this honky-tonk located in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Gorge into its street tasty Mexican street food and wash it down with any of the famous cocktails served here.

  • TRU

For those who have real money to spend, get tastes of opulent, lush-life local dining at this four-star world renowned restaurant. Beyond the formal dress code and incredibly stylish and sophisticated ambiance, is the perfect contemporary cuisine with innovation and experimentation surpassing your dreams! Indulge in a four to eight-course meals. The restaurant offers a signature staircase of caviar amongst its mouth watering menus. Do not forget to order Moroccan-spiced Scottish salmon with Meyer lemon and Israeli couscous.

  • Fig & Olive

This fine dining destination is famous for serving food inspired by France, Italy, and Spain. Crafted from fresh, simple and classic ingredients and served in innovative contemporary style, the food will blow you away. Each bite is nothing less than a tornado of flavors. Some of the Fig & Olive Chicago most sought after dishes include zucchini carpaccio, paella and fig gorgonzola tartlet and grilled rosemary lamb chop. It also offers signature 23 wines from the areas mentioned above as well.

  • Mott Street

Another venture by the owners of the reputed Chicago restaurant Ruxbin, this sassy little restaurant is a heaven of Asian street-food inspired treats. Its delicious food comes in quite large portions, making it easy to share. Despite a predominant Asian flavor, the fusion infused showcases some interesting combinations. With lively energizing ambiance and beautiful music to soothe you, enjoy its various offerings like grilled short ribs, kimchi and potato hash, eggs, Szechuan pepper shrimp, stuffed cabbage and the ricotta doughnut holes for dessert.

  • Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

When in Chicago, you simply cannot miss out on pizza. When in Chicago, it’s almost mandatory that you try its favorite deep-dish pizza. One very popular pizza chain splattered all over the city is Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. Its pizzas almost set the gold standard. It’s simple sausage, and cheese pie tops its favorite list, but all its pizzas are worth trying.