How to plan for a family reunion Banquet in Houston

A few years ago, I ended up with binging in charge with a family reunion. Every five years my family would will hold reunions throughout the country, alternating between who hosts it. This year was up to me, since I was the only one that was able to. I will say that it can be the most overwhelming experience I have ever dealt with. And I really wish I had some experience or knowledge before setting off on this journey. But, let my experiences be your fortune when it comes to yours. Now a lot of this information I feel is very broad, it pertained to more home town of Houston Texas.  With that out of the way let’s begin.


First and for most, knowing how many people that are coming is key. Send invitations out to everyone that you wish to attend and wait for their reply. This can give you valuable knowledge to help plan accordingly and not ending up in one of the huge Banquet halls in Houston all alone or face the opposite side of that situation, with not enough space or food. Once you know roughly how many people are coming you can begin planning. A great tip to remember is to always get a little more then what you expect. This is just in case people decide to come last minute.

The next thing to focus on is what kind of event this is. Since this was a family reunion, it was very informal and didn’t require as much as let’s say a wedding. These two factors are where you will base your requirements. Finding a venue is the next step in this process. This is really up to you in the end. As long as the two previous requirements are met, you can hold the event pretty much anywhere. In my personal experience, if you have a large party. I would suggest a venue that has a outdoor area. This can cut cost and provide ample space for your guest. Just remember to provide some sort of cover in the case of a storm.

Lastly you want to deal with catering. Being that everyone likes to eat and is always the highlight of the event, besides the bar. Now, again it is up to you what you want to serve to your guest. Being in Texas, where some of the best BBQ is made. I went with the Goode company for my catering needs. Providing everything from the cooking and serving of the food, I didn’t need to worry about anything pertaining to food. Which turned out amazing since who doesn’t like BBQ.

There are many other little things to take care of. But, when it comes to the meat of the event planning this information is applicable for most banquets and large parties. So, hopefully you can take away mist of this information and avoid some of the pitfalls from not knowing what I had to do.