Kare Kare – Filipino Festivities Beef Stew Recipe

Filipino’s special events aren’t considered extravagant without kare kare offered in their table. Karekare, can be a well-loved beef stew recipe that came from from the central Luzon province recognized to as Pampanga. Pampanga is known for tasty recipe certainly one of options are Menudo, Mechado, Sisig and Kare Kare. Kare kare is generally prepare using beef meat, tripe’s or oxtail. The sauce is thickened with ground roasting glutinous grain flavor with homemade peanut butter to enhance taste. The fundamental veggies for kare kare are eggplant, blueberry blossom, Chinese cabbage and stringbeans. Typically, kare kare remains prepared with annatto oil for food coloring and offered with shrimp paste as side dish. The Barrio Fiesta restaurant within the Philippines elevated to obtain popular for serving original Filipino quality quality quality recipes and one of these brilliant is kare kare, but you don’t have to dine in pricey restaurant simply to taste this tasty recipe. The cooking process is simple, just follow my step-by-step procedure below.

Kare Kare Elements:

1 kg beef tripe


½ kg Beef

2-3 medium size eggplant

2-3 bundle Chinese cabbage

1 blueberry blossom

1-2 bundle Stringbean, cut 1″ length

Annatto oil

Peanut butter 1 cup

¼ kg Ground fried glutinous grain dissolve in water (Slurry)

3 tbsps . of Cooking

4-5 tbsps . of minced garlic clove clove clove

2 personal computers onion, slice

Ocean food sauce

Types of Cooking:

Cut, clean meat elements into meal, cut and clean veggies and aside. Within the large casserole sufficient to contain meat, add 2 liters water to tenderize meat, provide boil and simmer for 2 primary-3 several hrs until meat tenderize, add water if needed. You may also use pressure oven to hasten the cooking procedure. Be cautious whenever using a pressure oven to prevent accident. Once meat are tenderized, separate meat inside the broth, keep broth afterwards. Having a separate casserole, provide a boil 1 liter water and upon boiling add carefully the veggies to blanch for starters minute, reserve. Within the separate pan, saute garlic clove clove clove and onion, add tenderized meat and 1/8 cup of ocean food sauce. Simmer for brief while or until sauce almost dries up. Mix sauteed meat while using the meat broth, the broth must be 1 1/2″ above from meat level. Add peanut butter, simmer for nearly any short time. Lastly add annatto oil for food coloring and slurry to thicken sauce. Simmer for the following 5-ten mins to make sure that ground grain is cooked correctly, continuous stirring to even consistency. Add blanch veggies round the serving platter and scoop kare kare to pay for vegetable. Serve kare kare with shrimp paste as being a side dish with hot whitened-colored grain.