Boozy Eggnog Floats #christmas #drink

This Christmas season cocktail! While most holiday cocktail party pop open the champagne or Add cranberries to the traditional favorite, I like to shake things up a little with the main float eggnog hangovers. 

We are talking about a cocktail so decadent that it can easily double as dessert. The best thing about this fancy, tasty treat is that it is super simple to make! You do not need a large kitchen or even a full bar cart to have ingredients on hand during the holidays. Plus, it’s easy to adjust and customize with your favorite flavor.

  • 2 oz milk (optional)
  • cinnamon (garnish)
  • 1 scoop Ice cream (I used vanilla)
  • 6 oz eggnog
  • 1.5 oz rum (flavored or regular)

  1. Fill your glass with a scoop of ice cream.
  2. Next, pour in Your eggnog
  3. Add the rum and fill up with milk.
  4. The addition of milk is optional; You will definitely be able to let it out, or adding the eggnog is more to your liking. Sprinkle with a few lines of cinnamon for decoration!
  5. I also like to top with cinnamon sticks to help stir eggnog afloat.

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