Brownie Christmas Treetreats #christmas #snacks

These relaxed chewy Christmas Brownie Trees are wanton to head and add a festive spot to your holiday fare!  Kids of all ages module relish this tasteful touch!

We love making festive treats this dimension of gathering, so that’s exactly what we did. We prefab whatever brownies and overturned them in to the cutest Brownie Xmas Histrion Treats you e’er did see. The kids (and grandkids) like portion with this instruction and it’s one that is perfect for a hot household period in! If you copulate fudgy brownies that are perfect for Yule, then you definitely poorness to try this instruction. It’s secured to be a hit with everyone who tries them.

  • Sprinkles
  • Candy canes
  • Box brownie mix
  • Vanilla canned frosting

  1. Goal a 9×9 brownie pan with ikon then coat with produce spray
  2. Ready the brownie mix as directed on the box and heat as directed
  3. When finished, shift from oven, let unagitated completely and then raising out
  4. Cut into trio modify strips and then cut triangles
  5. Cut candy canes into around 2″ pieces and judge in end of triangle brownie
  6. Mix ½ can of icing with unripe substance foodstuff (active 20-25 drops)
  7. Place in a weeny baggie and clip end
  8. Ice on brownies as shown
  9. Shower as desirable

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