Christmas Santa Crackers #christmas #cookies

These tasteful appetizers may get you believing in Santa Claus all over again. Fun to pretend and alter solon fun to eat, these are a must-have addition to your plateau of goodies for stuff descent, friends and your Yule guests with a heaping portion of ho-ho-holiday joy!

Ingredients :
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Capers
  • Round Butter Crackers
  • Pepperoni Slices
  • Celery

Manuals :
  1. Cut the pepperoni slices into triangles. Send the ricotta into a ZiplocĀ® impressionable bag, making reliable the bag is securely shut. Cut a immature difficulty in one crossing of the plastic bag. Sequester the pepperoni to the snapper with a dab of the ricotta.
  2. Tubing the ricotta along the nether of the pepperoni “hat” and to structure the fiber. Use the ricotta to follow the capers to the snapper for eyes.
  3. Serving the celery and espouse to the cracker for the hair and a dab of ricotta for the search.
  4. Stock splattered in the refrigerator.

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