Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks #christmas #cookies

I want to try the Cupcakes this fridge! But, I’m not a planner. When I decided that I would really make them, I stood in the hallway of the cookie. And my thought process went something like this,  “Ooo Ooo cookies I should get this Reese Chocolate Chip Cookies to BigBear, oooo I gotta make something with this, ahh I need to make those Cupcakes fridge! “

The cookies used to be where the already soft and chewy, so no need to refrigerate them so the icing will make the cake gently. If you want to make a cake’s “fridge ” with regular hardish cookies, I recommend using Maria recipe for icing cream at the link above. But if you are going to use all types of soft or chewy cookie batch, regular frosting just fine.

I collected piles of these cookies in cupcake liners, I think they just gave a presentation that was funny.  Collecting a pile of cookies, place a cookie into the bottom of the cupcake liner. Pipe frosting over cookies. Place another cookie on top top of that cookie with icing, top that with another cookie and so on until you have created as many layers as you want. I’m four cookies for me, but you can also do less. 

Ingredients :
  • 1 can green frosting
  • 16 Chewy Reese Chips Ahoy Cookies
  • Christmas Sprinkles

Instructions :
  1. 1st place cookies in cupcake liner or on the plate. Top with frosting. Top with another cookie frosting, add another layer of frosting. Continue layering cookies and icing up the stack cookie has reached four cookies.
  2. Top with another swirl of icing and then topped with a decorative sprinkles.

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