Easy Reindeer Cookies #christmas #cookies

Looking to make some easy reindeer cookies for Christmas?  This is the tutorial for you. There are cake needed and can help children (or even make themselves).

They’re perfect for the whole family and can be enjoyed over the holidays.  They are super fun to look at and even better to eat.

No matter how prepared you think you are, Christmas always appears out of nowhere.  And then it happened, a letter from the school asking for your contribution to the end of the year sales of pie.

Ingredients :
  • 150g cooking chocolate
  • 1 packet of plain biscuits (oval shape)
  • tiny teddies
  • black or brown edible icing pen
  • white chocolate chips
  • packet of strawberry creams

Instructions :
  1. Melt the chocolate in a saucepan. 150 g chocolate covers approximately 31 1 packet of biscuits.
  2. spread melted chocolate biscuits.
  3. Add the cream of Strawberry for the deer’s nose and press gently into chocolate.
  4. use 2 tiny teddy biscuits deer respectively. turn them over and use as horns, again pressing gently into the chocolate.
  5. Add two white chocolate chips for the eyes.
  6. in the midst of white chocolate chips, using icing pen for leaving disciple deer.

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