How to Make Tutti Frutti, Tutti Frutti / Indian Candied Fruits is made from various chopped fruits. Here, I’m using raw papaya to prepare these cute beauties. You can also call this as Candied Papaya. It is often used in bakery products like cakes and cookies. Everyone would be akrab with its uses. I have always wanted to make tutti frutti from scratch. I had only few left over store-bought tutti frutti, which i used to prepare sharbat. This year i can prepare Christmas Cake with this home made tutti frutti :)Some of the recipes where I’ve used tutti frutti are Christmas Rum dan Fruits Cake, No Alcohol Fruits Cake, Tutti Frutti Cookies, Orange Fruit Bread, Bundt Fruit Cake and Dilkush Bun. Lets cek the recipe,

  • How to Make Tutti Frutti
    Chop Papaya and remove the seeds along with the white part. Peel off the skin of papaya and chop it into small cubes. It yields around 2 cup of raw papaya. Keep it aside.
  • Boil 4 cup water in a pan. Once it starts boiling, add chopped raw papaya and let it cook for 3 mins on low-medium flame. Remove from the heat and let the papaya remain in the same water for another 5 mins.
  • Meanwhile, Cook 2 cup sugar and 3-4 cup water in a pan. Once sugar is completely, add blanched dan strained papaya cubes in syrup. Switch to low-medium flame.
  • Cook until the sugar syrup turns sticky and forms a thin one-string consistency, which may take another 15-20 mins. Follow this time approximately since the time may vary according to the utensil you use. The sugar syrup will turn thick and you can guess easily with that. Switch off the stove and remove pan.
  • Add few drops of vanilla essence to it. Take 3 bowls and divide sugar syrup into 3 portions.
  • Add a pinch of each colour in 3 different bowls filled with syrup. Mix well and keep it aside for 12-24 hrs.
  • After 12-24 hrs, take out the papaya cubes from syrup and strain them properly. spread those papaya cubes over a wire net placed on hebat of a plate. Let them dry till the stickiness is totally absorbed. Toko tutti frutti in an airtight container and use whenever needed.

Tutti Frutti Uses : You can use it in Cakes, Bun, Muffins, Cookies, Bread, Custard dan Ice-Cream.

Catatan :
Adding colors to tutti frutti is optional, but it is preferable to add different colors since it looks more attractive.
200 gms of Raw Papaya is an approximate measurement, as i don’t have kitchen scale. If you are not sure, then try using 2 cups of chopped raw papaya cubes.
Rusaking time of raw papaya cubes may take around 12-24 hrs. This way they get sweet dan colored properly.
Allow tutti frutti to dry completely and then keep it refrigerated if you want to use for long time.

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