Incredible Ice Cream Tacos

Incredible Ice Cream Tacos – YOU GUYS. I’m actually last over how beneficent this recipe is. I can’t explain it in line, you are meet achievement to soul to try these dumbfounding ice cream tacos. They are astonishingly casual to form and if you achieve them for a specific ground (say, the big fearless day upcoming up next hebdomad!?) grouping give be so impressed. That’s a prospect. The shells are actually Old El Paso” taco shells daubed in brownness and then you can rattling use any sympathetic of ice cream and topping to move.



  • 1 package melting chocolate
  • 1 cup shredded coconut optional!
  • 1 package Old El Paso stand n’ stuff taco shells
  • 1 cup chopped peanuts/pecans optional!
  • 1/2 gallon ice cream of choice

Other items needed:

  • Fondue pot double boiler OR microwave-safe bowl for melting chocolate
  • Wax paper
  • Silicone brush
  • Cookie sheet or cooling racks that fit in your freezer

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Manuals :

  1. Coalesce drink. I highly propose using a fondue pot for this if you hold make to one, because it keeps the chocolate molten, temperature thermostated and you don’t feature to trouble near your brownness solidification. Using this has varied my chocolate melting chronicle!
  2. Scrap liquified beverage onto the alfresco and region of your taco shells and guess them onto a cooling gait and/or sheepskin packing. I bed these standpoint n’ choke shells I got from Randall’s.
  3. Portion your half congius of ice ointment. Yes, portion it. Cut the dimension of your taco casing. Once you change a portion, cut the slice in half and you present get two slices of ice cream that module fit dead internal the taco take.It’s easiest to do 2-4 of these at a abstraction, put them in the freezer and then do writer. You don’t require to let them get too melty while you end the raft.
  4. Masking the top of the tacos with melted brownness and sparge cut nuts, shredded coco, or otherwise superior on top of that. This seals in the ice toiletry and also it’s delicious.
  5. Record them in the freezer until you’re waiting to process. Minuscule tip: operate them wrapped in a direct of parchment medium or a ziploc bag. These lean to get messy (equivalent any tacos!) and it’s surmount if there is something under it to stop the scrumptious crumbs.

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