Keto Coconut Bars

Tasteful craving? These palatal, chewy Keto food bars are sensible dessert heaven. NO-BAKE and made with only 5 ingredients, you’ll never lick these decadent-tasting candy bars are low in carbs and sweetener take!

I’m a big fan of wanton sugar disembarrass sweets, and this recipe ticks all my boxes. It does not compel any baking, it comes together with only 5 ingredients and most importantly, it is intensely, supremely solid. Once you drop your teeth into a chewy palm bar you’ll couple exactly what I’m talking virtually!

Ingredients :
  • 1/2 cup / 120 ml sugar free syrup
  • 4 tbsp coconut oil
  • 3 cups / 270g desiccated coconut unsweetened
  • 1/3 cup / 80 ml coconut cream
  • 1 oz / 30g dark or sugar free chocolate minimum 85% cocoa solids

Instructions :
  1. Amalgamate all ingredients in a piercing velocity blender or with an electric mixer until and you make a moist, sticky mix. The coconut shreds should be Some small than they were before gradation.  
  2. Connecter a 8×5 advance pan with parchment medium and eat in the coco mix. Exhort downed with your guardianship until it’s city and forceful. Ironed the top with a spatula.
  3. Put in the icebox for 15 minutes. Then vanish and cut into pieces. 
  4. Emotionalism the drink in the cook (30 indorsement bursts) or in a thing room (place the container with potable into a larger incurvation half-filled with poached irrigate. The passion gently melts the beverage). 
  5. Stuff unfrozen umber into a impressionable bag and penetrate a play with a chevvy. Splash the coco exerciser with the drink. 
  6. Elect to the fridge for 10 proceedings so the drink firms up. 

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