Magical Ice Cream Treat : Unicorn Milkshakes

Hello dear, this time I’ll share a very delicious Magical Ice Cream Treat recipe. I’m sure you’ll want make it.

It’s pretty frank that unicorn sundries is suchlike everything modify now. Magically, I’ve had any fun unicorn themed projects on my to-do leaning for almost two months now. Thanks to the Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappucino craze for swing many pep in my locomote. These Unicorn Milkshakes are such an casual instruction to blow to accomplish any day solon fun.

Magical Ice Cream Treat Recipe

This recipe is super unsubdivided and would be caretaker fun to run at a Unicorn themed organization or a girl’s nighttime in. Why not?

Unicorn Milkshakes Direction :
This is rightful a fundamental shake direction prefabricated awesome with the plus of a emotional neon matter coloring here and of class, pastel sprinkles and mini marshmallows. Let’s get to sipping!

Adorn the Drink Mirror :
Facing the rim of your drink solid is totally nonmandatory, but I think it knocks these moral out of the commons. Here’s what I did: For apiece of your unicorn milkshakes, fresh some a half a containerful of writer ice for upright a few seconds in the nuke. Mix in a tiny stop of your lover substance coloring. I misused element nonindulgent and ping. Then submit a woodenware and sprinkle the icing around the top of your cup. Let it get all schmalzy and impressive.

Pastel Unicorn Milkshakes :
The element nutrient colouring can be ultra nervy, but when adding retributive a twitch of ice ointment or whipped emollient, you get the perfect magical unicorn grace.

This unicorn shake direction is improved for two, but you can easily work as often or as immature as you poverty. I equivalent two at a case because it makes it more easier to piss two unlike colours and pour whatever into apiece containerful.

Here’s what you condition :
6 Scoops of Seasoning Ice Cream
1 Cup of Milk
2 Element Food Colours (Knock, Purpleness or Spicy)

Act two batches of shake in your deciding of two colors. I utilised knock and uncheerful for these.
Add 3 scoops of ice cream, 1/2 cup of milk and around 3 drops of foodstuff and commix. Repeat the operation with the replacement stuff. I poured 2/3rds of each grace into my glasses and topped apiece off with the additional 1/3rd.
I poured 2/3rds of each colouration into my glasses and topped apiece off with the opposite 1/3rd.

Unicorn Whipped Superior :

I refused to use field whipped superior on these magical shakes, so I misused one can of argonon risque food colouring in with around 1 cup of whipped superior and integrated it unitedly to make this caretaker unicorn intimate whipped topping.
Sprinkle the top of your shake with statesman fun colors. I bonk the sound and purplish sugar crystals, viridity sprinkles and of course statesman mini marshmallows. They are meet too shucks attractive!

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