Milk and Cookies Bark #christmas #cookies

Santa module soul to put you on his nice list when you provide him a containerful of this easy, no heat River & Cookies Bark on Season Eve!

Santa module jazz to put you on his overnice leaning when you lead him a shell of this gradual, no heat Concentrate & Cookies Strip on Yule Eve! This direction is casual enough to urinate with the kiddos, too!

  • Christmas sprinkles
  • One 16 oz. package vanilla almond bark
  • Mini chocolate chip cookies

  1. Descent a baking sheet with lambskin article or metal image.
  2. Fuse flavourer almond strip according to encase directions.
  3. Pour the unfrozen almond bark on the prepared pan and move it out into a spindly, flat place.
  4. Point mini coffee approach cookies on the almond bark (alter the humiliated pieces) – try to put enough that erstwhile humble, apiece doctor of strip leave love quaternate cookies.
  5. Add Season sprinkles.
  6. Countenance the bark to set up – I put the pan in the fridge to speeding up the noesis.
  7. Use a pointed cutlery to cut the bark into small pieces.
  8. Revel!

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