Sleigh Riding Teddy Bears Recipe #christmas #cookies

I had SOOO much fun making this treat-I finished 10 of them in under 10 minutes (so I sometimes try and make the recipe below a certain age — like a game what can I say) to these people’s “beary  “funny … see what I did there.

Treating this can easily be made the day before the event – the perfect treat for kids to make.

  • 20 Mini Candy Canes – Unwrapped
  • 20 Mini Teddy Grahams
  • 10 Snicker Bitesize Bars – Unwrapped
  • Frosting ( Chocolate )

  1. At the bottom of each place candy frosting
  2. 2 candy cane stick at the bottom of each candy bar
  3. Frost the bottom of each doll graham and place a candy bar
  4. and you are done
  5. Enjoy!

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