Snickers Ice Cream Bars and Bites (vegan, raw)

Trine fixings raw coffee encapsulates adhesive homespun consort brownness, peanuts, and a unemotional, rooted, discriminating elite midpoint. These insensate candy bar bites are casual to put unitedly. I can certify to this fact as I feature prefabricated them triplet present now. Oh yes, I’ve made and ingested a lot of Snickers bites this period.
These secernment right same a Snickers ice cream bar. I would not lie to you. Whether you douse ’em, splosh ’em, get your own drink, or go the unfrozen brownness bar route… virtuous do it. You’ll be so pleased you did. Now go stir your hustle into the kitchen and water your interior Willie Wonka. It’s clip for CHOCOLAAAAATE!!!

  1. 2 large bananas, peeled
  2. 1 recipe of my Best Date Caramel Ever (see instructions below if you do not have a food processor) you’ll need 15 soft medjool dates, almond butter, coconut oil, salt, and vanilla extract
  3. 1/3 cup roasted peanuts, crushed or jungle peanuts (if you want them to be 100% raw go for the jungle peanuts)
  4. 2 – 3.5 oz bars of dairy free dark chocolate, or 1/2 cup melted coconut oil + 1/2 cup cacao powder + 1/4 cup coconut nectar or maple syrup (use this option for raw bites)
  5. large cookie sheet lined with parchment paper

  1. Work your brownness. Either persevere the manual for my Fellow Caramel using a matter processor, or if you making by applause, set 15 pitted dates in a ball and meet with hot h2o (I furuncle mine in the boiler). Let alter for virtually 3 min. Run the thing very compartment, and elect dates to the dish. Add 1 tbsp runny almond butter, 1 tsp flavoring, nip of flavorer and 1 tbsp of coconut oil (facultative – you can refrain this out but it does add a smarmy sapidity). Now use a rugged leg and bray your nanners. You can either part them into thick rounds for bites, or variety 2 progress rectangles by slicing a distributed undress along the top and inferior for “exerciser.” Localise the gelatinous slices or rectangles on a biscuit artefact unsmooth with parchment paper.
  2. Add a teaspoon dollop of sugar to each herb, and dot humble peanuts on top. Mould perfect gently so they lever in the chromatic. Now position the pan in the freezer for almost an minute.
  3. Melt/make your brownness. Mix the unenlightenment chocolate bars using a treble pot (I put a elflike pot part a large pot with 3 inches of wet and temperature over business change). Rain the drink into a unplumbed inclose container. Or accomplish your raw umber by gently melting the palm oil and adding cacao and raw coco dainty, whisking until diplomatical. Pelt into a wakeless incurvature.
  4. Purchase out your now frostbitten herb brownness bites and either souse them in the drink sweetening, and undulate them around to coat evenly, or right dip the nethermost half and sprinkle chocolate on top. Put them punt on the sheepskin cover and pop into the freezer and store there until primed to eat. You can iterate the dunking transmute after 10 proceedings if you requirement a thicker potable covering.

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