The Most Savory and Delicious Oyster Sauce Crab Cooking Recipe

The Most Savory and Delicious Oyster Sauce Crab Cooking Recipe

Food that uses the main ingredients in the form of crab will generally be cooked using oyster sauce, black pepper, and sweet and sour. Although the amount of Crab meat is not as much as chicken or beef, but for Crab lovers, they will certainly not see how big the meat is filled. Crab is not one of the foods that is always present every day at home. However, there is nothing wrong if you try to make a delicious crab cooking recipe.

Trying dishes with Crab-based ingredients with your own hands will of course be more satisfied. Because the portions and seasonings you want can be adjusted to your taste. That way we can get the taste that our tongue likes. Cooking crabs with your own hands is also more profitable because it will be more economical when compared to eating at processed seafood sellers.

Oyster Sauce Crab Cooking Recipe

Oyster Sauce Crab Ingredients:

  • 6 fresh crabs
  • 5 tbsp ketchup
  • 4 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 3 tbsp bottled chili sauce
  • 2 tbsp red pepper that has been ground to taste
  • Pepper powder to taste
  • Water moderately
  • Granulated sugar to taste
  • Salt and also flavoring to taste
  • Cooking Oil to taste

Oyster Sauce Crab Fine Seasoning :

  • 5 red cayenne pepper seeds that have been sautéed withered
  • 5 sautéed onion seeds
  • 3 sautéed garlic cloves
  • 2 cm of mashed ginger

How to Make Oyster Sauce Crab:

  • First you have to boil the Crab until cooked, after that split the Crab into 2 parts
  • Then heat the pan filled with cooking oil, then you can put all the fine spices in the stir-fry until the aroma is fragrant
  • Add oyster sauce, tobat sauce, ground red chili and other remaining ingredients. Then stir until everything can be evenly distributed
  • Add the boiled Crab, stir until the seasoning is evenly distributed, and cook until the gravy thickens slightly so that the spices soak in the Crab meat
  • If it is cooked, remove and serve on a plate or serving bowl, it can be decorated according to taste

For the taste of crab dishes cooked with oyster sauce this can give such an extraordinary taste. You can also feel a different sensation when eating it when compared to eating other seafod dishes. The sweet, sour, spicy taste of Oyster Sauce Crab can also be used as a must-have meal for seafod lovers. However, the thing we must pay attention to is when choosing Crabs when we are going to buy them. You should choose crabs that are still fresh and healthy. A healthy crab will appear very agile when moving. And when we buy the Crab, you better tell the merchant to untie the rope that tied the Crab. The goal is to be able to see how it was when it was alive what was dead , then we can buy it.

Although in enjoying the crab recipe itself can be said to be quite complicated, because it cannot be eaten all the parts, but it does not make people feel lazy to enjoy the delicious taste of the dish from crab base ingredients processed using this oyster sauce. In enjoying it you can serve this delicious crab sauce oyster sauce with white rice that is still warm and equipped with sautéed vegetables to be used as an enhancer for the deliciousness of your food. Good luck!

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