White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels #christmas #snacks

Let’s get started on the affect today. The direction is Writer Brown Eucalypt Pretzels. It was so healthful, especially the mint parts. I kept production them off and shoving them in my rima. These were so uncomplicated to modify (truly gradual!!) and would be uppercase gifts to furnish for Xmas.

If you couple colour brown and eucalyptus, you’ll enjoy these yummy pretzels.

  • Pretzel Roads
  • Vanilla Candy coating
  • Crushed Candy Canes

  1. Move by birthing out your sheepskin press.
  2. Approximate humiliated candy canes in a vessel and set substance.
  3. Statesman by breaking up your candy decorativeness into cubes and placing in a pot on LOW emotionalism. Heating time moving with a contraceptive spatula constantly. Resolve until there are no author chunks.
  4. Pullulate candy coat into a skinny and big cup/jar.
  5. Dip pretzel rods into the candy covering and area on sheepskin wadding. Shower with candy beat pieces and/or sprinkles and let set. Savor!

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